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Creative Women is about bringing together rich artisanal traditions, time-honored processes and the finest natural fibers. We create ethically-made home goods that uplift women around the world. Each hand-woven fiber tells a story of culture and resiliency blended with timeless modern style.

We aim to support fellow women-led enterprises and to preserve their artistic heritage. Each handwoven thread tells a story of craft, culture and empowerment united with contemporary design.

Founded in 2004, Creative Women is a fair trade certified company working with over 1400 women in 9 countries. We are committed to long term artisan partnerships that create meaningful and lasting impacts on families and communities. As our name suggests, we believe that women are creative agents for change and we strive for each of them to know their value and voice.

Preserving traditional techniques and fibers

Our handmade designs showcase hours of artisan work and generations of skill passed from mother to daughter. Crafted with skillful hands and careful attention, each finished piece has a texture and softness that can't be replicated by machine.

We strive for heirloom quality craftsmanship and use only natural fibers and natural or AZO free dyes.

Creative Women works closely with a group of talented artisans in Ethiopia for all of our cotton products. They graciously extended the use of their video to show the careful and beautiful way by which the textiles are made.

Through the process of spinning, weaving, dyeing, and finishing, each piece is entirely handcrafted.

The Ethiopian artisans’ skills combined with our modern design, results in the creation of beautiful handmade products. This focus on the simplicity and purity of the raw materials and processes enables us to create unique, richly textured textiles.

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